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JobMarket Support FAQ

    • Q: What is my username?
    • A: Your username is your personal complete e-mail address (example: yourname@yourcompany.com). Don't have email? Get free email.
    • Q: How do I log in if I've forgotten my email address (login id)?
    • A: Just click the Forgot Password option in the user login box. A separate window will appear. Insert your Full Name and Identification number, and then click on Retrieve Login ID button.
    • Q: How do I log in if I've forgotten my password?
    • A: Just click the Forgot Password option in the user Login Box on the Home page. The Login Problem window will appear. Insert your Full Name and Identification, and then click on Retrieve Password button and your password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
    • Q: How do I change my password?
    • A: Log in using your Email Address (Login ID) and password, and click on Accounts Info located at the upper part of the page. Then type in both your new password, re-type to confirm this new password.
    • Q: Why can't I log in?
    • A: There are several reasons:
      • » You have to register with jobmarket.com.my.
      • » Your Email Address (Login ID) is incorrect. Please be reminded that your Login ID is your complete e-mail address. Retrieve your Password.
      • » Your password is incorrect. Please check your spelling again. Password is case sensitive. If you've copied and pasted your password from another source, make sure that there is no excess space after the last letter. You may also use the Forgot Password. Retrieve your Password.
    • Q: How do I apply for a job online?
    • A: Register for a jobmarket.com.my account first. Then, login and create your resume. To create a resume, you have to key in the Mandatory Sections in full, without fail. Ensure that all information is complete. Then fill in the Optional Section. We would also advise that you complete all information requested to make your resume more interesting and informative.

      Every page will be auto-saved once you click on the "Save" button, also you can always stop halfway and continue later on. As soon as you have submitted your resume into the database, you may search for jobs through the Search Job section. Just click on "Apply Online" link at the bottom of the page and your resume will be automatically sent to the company.
    • Q: Why is there no "Save" button at the end of the page?
    • A: The page did not load properly. Refresh the page and re-enter the data. Unfortunately, data is lost whenever you refresh a page. To be safe, scroll down to the end of the page first before you fill out your forms, especially in creating your resume where there are many fields.
    • Q: What does the "No Result" on the Search Job mean?
    • A: "No Result" means that the Search Job Engine has not found any job opening that matches your preferences. Kindly try searching again with different keywords and fields.
    • Q: If I have already posted my resume on the Internet, why do I need to register with JobMarket.com.my?
    • A: Registering with us shall assure you the minimal surfing time used, instead of surfing for hours everyday through the entire web. All you need to do is to activate, create your own custom Search Agent to ensure you do not miss exciting new opportunities.
    • Q: How does one activate and/or create one's own custom Search Agent and what difference will that make?
    • A: In activating your Job Alert, we will identify your keywords and phrases to increase the chances of your resume being traced or found in the Job Board and/or the Resume Bank. The difference - is that it ensures your resume is selected way before much of your competitors.

      When the Job Alert finds a vacant position, which is not only of interest to you but also where you qualify; you are immediately notified via e-mail. You then decide whether to apply for that specific job through reply e-mail or any other ways as specified by the recruiter.
    • Q: How long will my Job Alert find me job leads?
    • A: Immediately.
    • Q: What do I do with these job leads?
    • A: Your personal Search Agent will crawl our own servers 24/7 tracing jobs that fit keywords that you have inserted into your resume. When jobs you like are found, your Search Agent sends you an e-mail with a "hotlink" on it. Click on the hotlink and you will be taken to the our portal, where you can have access to job, salary, location and other pertinent information.
    • Q: Who will see my resume?
    • A: Potential employers and/or recruiters can view your resume when they search for potential candidates from the Job Boards and/or Job Banks. However, your resume although disseminated to hiring authorities may end up being unsuccessfully picked up. Our unique service, equipped with your personal Search Agent will crawl our own servers looking at all new job postings. You will then be notified via e-mail, suitably chosen positions for you to directly apply yourself.
    • Q: What is a Resume Bank, Job Bank and / or Job Board?
    • A: Resume Bank, Job Bank and/or Job Board are places in the Internet where Job Seekers and Job Providers post for the job openings. The sites are updated daily as jobs are filled and new ones are posted.
    • Q: How do companies get applicants through JobMarket.com.my?
    • A: After posting their job ads on both print JobMarket.com.my and online (content from the print version uploaded into JobMarket.com.my), companies get resumes via two different ways:
      • » Active - companies search for applicants in our data base, based on qualifications that they need.
      • »  Passive - Job Seekers submit their applications to the companies through JobMarket.com.my.
    • Q: Why can't I do all these myself?
    • A: Well you could, more so if you have the time and the technical savvy to do it right - but, do you:
      • » Want to spend like 13 hours to post your resume to at least 25 sites?
      • » Want to activate 25 Search Agents?
      • » Have to really know about keywords?
      • » Optimise your chances of being noticed when Job Providers search the Net?
      • » Know which site's Job Banks specialise in your industry?
      • » That although you are posted on Job Boards, do potential employers ever open your resume?
      • » Your professionally written resume may never even be read! Unless if you come up as the first 10 searched resumes.
    • Q: What do you do to assist us?
    • A: We are the experts in increasing the odds of your resume being "searched" and "read". We have the experience to see that you are "noticed" and "approached".
    • Q: How do I know it works?
    • A: You can measure the results yourself. How many job leads do you have e-mailed to you? With our services you'll never have to guess if:
      • » Your resume ever reached anyone with a job opening
      • » Your resume are amongst those retrieved, when a recruiter conducted their last database inquiry for a job you'd die for.
      • » They had found 50 candidates, short listed 25, whilst you're number 36.
      • » You're qualified, but will your resume be seen ever again or your exercise have been futile.
      • » That's what would happen if you place your resume in the job sites' resume database only. Maybe now you realise why you never hear back from anybody! Now is the time to activate our Search Agents!
    • Q: Why should I use your services instead of a blasting or distribution service?
    • A: Resume blasting and / or resume distribution - they are the same thing. You have your documents sent out ONE-TIME-ONLY vs a 3 months posting. Why target companies that may/may not have current job openings when you can post for 3 full months and receive job openings as they occur? That is what we do for you!

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